BELLAJust wanted to thank you so very much for your most excellent breeding program that produced Isabella vom Kirchenwald {Out of Xena and Gorbi} (She is the long-coated beauty of the litter who is four years old today. She weighs 78 pounds, tall long and lean). Everywhere we go (and she literally goes everywhere with me) people compliment her good looks. People stop their cars, roll down their windows just to get a better look at her. You described her as happy, and maybe that should have been her name. She is a joy. A great guard dog, responsive to commands, and loves to play with children. Since we are together so much of course I talk to her all the time and she understands English in an amazing way. When she walks, especially if she is holding a toy in her mouth, she prances and it is as if I was looking at a ballerina. She is exquisite and the uttermost joy of my life.

I wanted to do something special for her today, but quite frankly everyday is special for “Bella”. She has a boxful of “Wubba” toys, She eats Blue Buffalo Wilderness along with cooked elk meat that is harvested on our property, a daily greenie, and a cooked egg on occasion, not to mention a giant femur bone once in a while; she has thousands of acres to run, has three great friends, two german shepherds at one ranch, and at another a two-year-old silver lab service dog who is her “wrestling buddy”.

Thank you for seeking excellence, and know that your pup is loved beyond measure.

New Mexico

jadeJust wanted to thank you for Jade, Jenny’s sister and Pippa’s and Trick’s daughter. We (6 adoring adults) went to the airport in Manchester, NH to pick her up 8 years ago today. She is wonderful, beautiful, smart, loving and fiesty. She is truly a working dog who expects to go out to do something active and stimulating daily. So far she has the best hips of any GSD I have owned.  She and I are attached at the hip, according to my husband. She is my shadow when we are together. My husband says she sits by the windows watching for me when I am out. She still loves going to Cape Cod and local lakes to play and swim in the water. She also likes kayaking. As far as she is concerned, there is no weather too cold to justify staying inside.



testimonialI don’t know if you remember us from last year but in Sept. 2010 we brought home our puppy. She was named Beautiful, now it is Dancer. She has been a joy to have in our family! So sweet and so beautiful! She is my shadow, follows me everywhere. Dancer is very good with our young daughters and the MANY other kids in our neighborhood. She LOVES our other 9 yr. old shepherd mix, they are playing as I type this. One of my goals with Dancer was to make her my running partner. I had to wait till she was old enough but then the heat of summer came. Now that it is cool she has been running with me for about 6 weeks and she does great! I almost always run on trails and on less traveled trails I let her off leash but she still sticks right by my side. I have included some photos of her. They are from around our pool, she patrols it whenever the kids are in there. We get MANY comments from strangers about her nature and stunning coat.

Thanks for a wonderful addition to our family!

Fran Miller
Landenberg, Pa.



ceaserHi Gayle,

I just wanted to let you know that my beloved Caesar passed away, in my arms, on Monday evening.  Caesar was a son of Utz, born on December 7, 2003.  I want you to know that you bred the most amazing Shepherd I’ve ever owned, or had the pleasure of meeting.  He was so brave, confident, level-headed, intelligent, wise, loving, playful, curious, driven (when appropriate), and I swear he took care of me, and my female Shepherd.  I miss him terribly but am so grateful to have shared nine and a half amazing years together.  We had a special bond…I simply adored him.






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