Sheldon’s Zuri

Born: July 2, 2012.  Father:  Gabe Haus Juris, SchH 3, KKl 1.  Mother:  Sheldon’s Raina of Char-Will, CDX RN.

Zuri is DOMINANT BLACK–an extremely rare genetic color in German Shepherd Dogs.  (Most black GSDs are the result of two parents with a recessive black gene.)  Zuri comes from an outcross breeding to a wonderful black female, whose pedigree includes top West German showlines, old Czech working lines, and American show and working lines.  Because Zuri’s genetic testing confirms that she is DOMINANT BLACK, roughly 50% of her future pups will also be black–no matter to whom she is bred–and once she is fully certified, we intend to breed her to the best.  Zuri turned many heads at the 2013 UScA Sieger Show in Wisconsin with her strong placement in a tough class.  There remains an abiding prejudice against black GSDs in the German show world, and especially those stemming from an outcross breeding.  Zuri will soon begin her formal training and breeding certification work.  We expect her to formally enter the breeding program in late 2014.  Zuri is a bit of a detour for us–but one that we have enormous confidence in for future generations.  Stay tuned!



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