Why should I buy a German Shepherd Dog from Kirchenwald Shepherds?

  • Kirchenwald Shepherds follows the German Breeding System.  Our dogs are Class 1 rated.
  • Kirchenwald German Shepherd Dogs are stunningly beautiful. We prove it by competing in German-style conformation shows both in the US and Europe.
  • Kirchenwald Shepherds are smart and versatile. We prove it by training and competing in the sport of Schutzhund. Our owners prove it in many ways: Agility, Search and Rescue, Pet Therapy, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Family Protectors. (links to some of these categories with dogs in the Hall of Fame?)
  • Kirchenwald Shepherds has decades of experience. Genetics through Generations. Kirchenwald Shepherds has a reputation for quality and honesty.
  • Kirchenwald German Shepherd Dogs come with a lifetime of knowledgeable, experienced and unstinting customer support.

How does the puppy or dog selection/purchase process work?

Please begin by exploring our website. If you like our philosophy and our dogs, please fill out a Prospective Owner Questionnaire.  Or, if you prefer, call to discuss in detail. (Cell phone is the best contact number: 412-480-7307.) The more we know about your family, lifestyle and goals for a quality pup or older dog, the better we can help you find the best canine “match”. Visits to the kennel are always welcome. We are proud to show off our dogs and state-of-the-art facilities (link to facilities page)–not to mention 40 acres of wooded dog paradise. Once you are satisfied that a Kirchenwald Shepherd is for you, a puppy may be reserved with a $500 non-refundable deposit.

How much do your dogs cost?

Most baby puppies range from $2,500-3,000. Males are more expensive than females because of supply and demand. Once in a while, we may have a pup available for less. Older pups start at $3,500. Young adult and trained dogs are more expensive. Prices vary according to the level of training and certification. Please call for more information.

I don’t want to show my dog. Do you sell pet dogs?

ALL Kirchenwald German Shepherd Dogs are pets. Their families come first. Some of them will also go on to have show, working or service careers, depending upon the interests and goals of their human families. At Kirchenwald Shepherds we distinguish between pet “Function” (ALL of our dogs) as opposed to intrinsic “Quality”. At Kirchenwald Shepherds we aim, ONLY, to breed dogs that fully conform to the International Breed Standard (link). Anything less is a failure on our part–with some help from the whims of Mother Nature.

What is the difference between “show/breeding potential quality” and “pet quality”?

Assessment of show/breeding potential quality versus pet “only” quality happens over different periods of time. Our criteria at 8-12 weeks of age are different from those at one year of age. It would be unusual for an 8 week old Kirchenwald pup to be evaluated as strictly “Pet Quality”. (And we are our own worst critics…) That means that we know, at an early age, of significant breeding disqualification faults (link to breed standard), or other anatomical/health reasons. Those are the pups who fall into the category, “Once in a while available for less.” They are our failures, and fortunately few and far between. Any breeder who does not acknowledge the reality of breeding failures is simply not honest.


We believe that a breeder should have deep knowledge and broad personal experience before daring to bring new lives into the world. More than 45 years of personal hard work on various dog sport fields informs the Kirchenwald breeding program. >>>LEARN MORE

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