About Kirchenwald Shepherds

KIRCHENWALD SHEPHERDS was founded as an elite show/breeding kennel in 1997. We raised, trained and showed German Shepherd Dogs for more than 35 years before daring to become a Breeder.

KIRCHENWALD means “Church’s Woods” in German. It is a direct translation of our family name, “Kirkwood”. Before retiring, the breeder worked for nearly 40 years as a Cathedral organist, harpsichordist and music history expert.

The new Kirchenwald complex (Watch Tower, Main House, Kennel Building, Training Field) is located on 40 heavily wooded acres north of Pittsburgh, PA – on the corner of Shepherd Road! Designed to be a contemporary allusion to a Medieval cloister, central courtyards repeat throughout the property (main complex, puppy corral, summer “hill” kennels).


We believe that a breeder should have deep knowledge and broad personal experience before daring to bring new lives into the world. More than 45 years of personal hard work on various dog sport fields informs the Kirchenwald breeding program. >>>LEARN MORE

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